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Birutė Žilytė and Algirdas Steponavičius
Fresco at MO Bistro

The walls of the MO Bistro are graced by a fresco by the famous graphic artists and couple Birutė Žilytė and Algirdas Steponavičius. More precisely – by a digital reproduction and restoration of a fragment of one of their wall paintings. The original is at the “Pušelė” Children’s Sanatorium in Valkininkai. Although the original fresco has been in included in the state list of cultural works that must be preserved, it is in poor physical condition. For that reason Audrius Klimas, the owner of Vilnius Gallery, in 2016 initiated a project to digitally reproduce the work.

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In this fragment from Žilytė’s and Steponavičius’s fresco we can see how the artists succeeded in present a contemporary interpretation of Lithuanian folk art themes. The worlds of different fairy tale heroes a mythological beings are connected rich colours, a rigid checkerboard floor and division of the piece into separate fragments. It is one of the most valuable works of 1960s Lithuanian monumental painting.

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