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Films „Walden“ and „Lost lost lost“

I began, became more conscious of what I was doing, maybe around 61, somewhere there, that is maybe I thought, it’s like a record of my life, not so much conscious of a diary form itself, it sort of developed gradually, so I began looking through all my past material and I kept like looking every year until I come maybe 65 until, and reducing sort of it and eliminating, I regret now that I threw out some of the footage that I eliminated, and something that became later, “Walden” and “Lost, Lost, Lost”.

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“Walden” was finished first and like was practically finished in 67 but I think first screening was in 68, maybe, I have to check the dates, but I completed it in the form that it is almost like it is now, when Gerald O’Grady from Buffalo called me and said, I’m organising an arts festival at the Albright Knox Gallery in Buffalo and besides theater, music, whatever we would like to have an evening of film. And we thought maybe if you could do that.

So, I said, sure because I have something practically ready. So, that is, he sponsored, you know, printing and that’s how that film came, was completed. “Lost, Lost, Lost” came three or four years later. At that time already I sort of, but I kept in “Walden” on the, I mean the same applies to all my films. Certain kind of material that goes like together has a certain unity.

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